Warm Apple Cider with Dark Rum and Spiced Cream Recipe

Cold winter days were made for warm spiced cider, and this recipe will melt through the icy nights with its spices, savory whipped cream, and hints of rum. A sublime way to celebrate the weekend!


  • 12 cups (3 quarts) apple cider
  • 40 whole cloves
  • 10 cinnamon sticks
  • 8 2-inch-long strips orange peel
  • 4 2-inch-long strips lemon peel
  • 2 teaspoons whole allspice
  • 1/2 cup Tuaca
  • 1/4 cup Appleton’s Estate Dark Rum (or preferred rum)


  • 1 cup chilled heavy whipping cream
  • 2 tablespoons (packed) brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons Appleton’s Estate Dark Rum (or preferred rum)
  • Freshly grated nutmeg


For Cream: Whip all ingredients in metal bowl. Chill until ready for use.
For Cider: Combine cider, cloves, cinnamon sticks, orange peel, lemon peel, and allspice in a large pot, and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes. Strain cider into medium sauce pan, and add Tuaca and Rum. Gently top each serving with whipped cream and serve.

  • Makes 8 Servings
  • Prep time: 45 minutes
  • Tuaca is a specialty brand liqueur originally produced in Livorno, Italy, and includes brandy, orange, and vanilla.
Luisa Mug by Match Pewter

Luisa Mug by Match Pewter

We suggest pouring this concoction into one of our favorite mugs by Match Pewter. The Luisa Mug by Match Pewter is from the Luisa Collection, and not only are these mugs handmade in Italy, but they are also the perfect size and oh-so-elegant. Standing at 4″ H and 4″ in diameter, they will hold just enough cider with room for a dollop of spiced whipped cream. Bon appetit!

10 Things You Shouldn’t Forget to Register For

In the midst of all the excitement of getting engaged, many couples fall into the path of designing a “common registry” filled with all of the usual, wedding registry suspects. (We see you, cookie trays and blenders.) While basics are absolutely necessary, wedding registries are a time to get creative and let your guests know what you’d really love to have versus what you might need.

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Tabula Tua Hosts Nora Fleming!

Nora Fleming Platters & Minis

Nora Fleming Platters & Minis Perfect for Every Occasion

Meet Nora Fleming in Chicago

Our very first Nora Fleming event is this Saturday, October 4th, from 12pm-4pm, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Created by a brother and sister duo based out of Hinsdale, IL, the Nora Fleming company designs and produces their signature platters and interchangeable Minis that can be mix-and-matched to celebrate any kind of event, holiday, or special occasion.

When People see our trademark pink bird in their local boutique window, I want them to know that they are one step closer to finding that perfect gift for themselves or a loved one.”

Each of the ceramic, dishwasher-safe platters and serving dishes are gracefully designed be a functional frame for the little Mini that is inserted into the small hole in the dish. Easy to pop in and out, there is a Mini for literally every occasion. Tabula Tua just received all of the newest and brightest Minis, and we’re so excited to share them with you! To celebrate our first ever Nora Fleming event, we will be giving away a FREE Grape Mini with every platter purchase! Not only that, but we’re also the very first boutique to offer Nora’s newest addition: the Wooden Appetizer Board! This ~12″ Sq wooden board includes the ceramic hole for the Mini, of course, and is ideal for serving up an assortment of autumn hors d’oeuvres and delectable finger foods.

Nora Fleming Appetizer Platter

Nora Fleming Appetizer Platter

Don’t miss out on this fabulous affair — swing by our showroom in the heart of Lincoln Park and pick up a new platter for the holidays! You can never have too many serving dishes, and they make the absolute best hostess gifts! Go one step further, and have it personalized and signed by Nora herself while she’s here! Join us tomorrow for wine, cheese, and a spectacular meet-and-greet with our wonderful guest. See you tomorrow!

For questions or to reserve your platter, call (773) 525-3500!


Favorite Item Friday


Tabula Tua’s Newest Collection: Capri Blue Candles!

We just received our shipment of some of the best smelling candles we’ve ever had in the showroom from Capri Blue! Each of the soy-wax formulated scents that we have smells better than the next, and I am restraining myself from buying one of each. So far, my favorites are “Paris” and “Volcano“. Their signature “Volcano” scent comes in both the large blue jar as well as the large white jar. These candles are just too good to be true; the jar is made from recycled glass, the lid is made from recycled metal, and once the candle has been all used up, the jar itself can be repurposed and used for everyday items! Not only do they last twice as long as regular candles, but they really do fill up the space with sensational fragrances. Hand-poured and made in the USA, Capri Blue is an easy go-to gift for a friend, and a delightful pick-me-up gift for yourself!

Wednesday Wedding Tips


Wedding Tips

Although the summer season of weddings has slowly waned, the fabulous fall and winter ceremonies are on their way, and we have 10, stellar tips to help you plan your special day!

1. Give in to the chaos
No matter how much planning and triple-checking you do during the months (or years) prior to The Day, it’s almost silly to think there won’t be a single thing that goes a little off-key. And that’s okay! Let it go; ride it out and roll with those punches. As long as there are two “I Do”s, that’s really all that matters. Your day will go much smoother if you embrace the chaos and choose to enjoy every little moment of the day, even if they weren’t planned!

2. Write thank-you notes as gifts come in. Do not get behind, unless you want to spend your honeymoon crafting odes to the lovely Waterford from Aunt Mildred. If you don’t have the time to write a full thank-you note, make a detailed list at the very least. Then, once you have a cup of coffee and a few hours to spare, sit down and finish the job.

3. If you must give favors, give food. Don’t give your guests something they’re just going to throw away. No one in the history of party planning has ever gone wrong with a light snack. Sub Tip: This is not the time to learn how to DIY Cake Pops; leave it to the pros!

4. Maybe pay someone to do that. Segway into Tip #4…Are you supremely artistic and experienced in the ways of crafting? Is your great aunt Martha Stewart? Unless the answer to one of these questions is yes, think very carefully about any D.I.Y. projects. Examine your own abilities with a critical eye– you will thank yourself later!

5. Keep It Simple. When communicating with your bridal party, family members, friends, and vendors who are all helping with planning The Day, write everything down concisely and as simple as possible. Although you know exactly what you have pictured in your head, it’s safe to assume that is where it will stay if you don’t communicate clearly. Sub Tip: Bullet points are the best!

6. Get Your Guests Home Safely
Think about how you feel after a night out. When you’re ready to go, you just want to get home. So ensure you have a plan for how to get guests off-site, and if it’s in a rural area, consider having cabs waiting to do round trips from the venue to the guests’ hotels from about 10.30pm onwards.

7. Get Your Selfie On
Although your wedding photographer will capture some of the most prominent and important moments of The Day, they might not get all the little moments that really make your day special. Selfie, selfie, selfie!

8. Take the Time To Write and Give a Thank You Speech
It’ll feel good to thank your parents, grandparents, and guests (especially those who traveled great distances) for making such a momentous occasion in your life possible.

9. Don’t Smash The Cake
Brides, you still have people to see and photos to take, so you don’t want to get cake in your hair and on your dress (nor do you want to reapply makeup). Grooms, this is not how you want to start married life. Trust me on this one.

10. Dance!
Your favorite tunes are playing, the dance floor is packed with people you love, and you have reason to celebrate! With conditions like that even grooms who “don’t dance” will regret it if they don’t let their inner Bacon loose.

Tabula Tuesday: Top 5 Favorite Fall Picks


As sad as it is to say goodbye to summer, all of our new Fall collections are making it just a little bit easier to transition seasons. We’ve listed our Top 5 Picks for the Autumn Season, and here they are!

  1. Juliska’s Country Estate in Pumpkin
  2. Wooden Nut Bowl with Pewter Squirrel Nutcracker
  3. Corn & Husk Oil Candles
  4. Arte Italica Medici Collection
  5. Michael Aram Apple Dish

– Tabula Tua is celebrating September with an entire month of Juliska! They signature Berry&Thread collection is so charming, and their Country Estate collection is the perfect addition to turn any table into a pumkin-y wonderland. Each piece has a different scene depicted on it, and they tell an entire story when placed together. The Fall harvest story is so sweet, and really captures the essence of Fall…they are so festive!

– This functional nutcracker is spot-on; the pewter squirrel twists open to allow the nut to be placed between the metal clamps, and it will actually crack nuts when twisted down! Perfect for a conversation piece on your coffee table, this guy is almost too cute for his own good; we love this little helper.

– Our Nature Inspired Oil Candles makes for some absolutely beautiful decor pieces, and we have to say that the Fall-themed candles are inspiring. Entirely filling the container with harvest-related items, the functional candles make a stellar centerpiece or hostess gift. Whether you use it as a candle or keep it sealed, you can’t go wrong with one this one!

– All hand-made and hand-painted in Italy, the Medici Collection from Arte Italica is a showstopper — the warm colors and organic motifs are ideal for holiday dining and entertaining. The best part is that they can be mixed in with all of your existing dinnerware for a dynamic collection that is customized to your personal tastes!

– Last on our list is the Apple Plate from Michael Aram; Fall would not be the same without apple picking, apple pies, and apple cider, of course! We just love the contemporary twist on this quintessential Fall fruit platter. It’s perfect for that special teacher as a Thanksgiving Present, or just to tell them they are appreciated! (Also, spoiling yourself a little with a gift for you is a healthy thing to do! “An apple a day”, right?)

Happy Pumpkin Spice Season from Tabula Tua!

Juliska Country Estate Dinnerware

Embrace Autumn with Juliska

Juliska Country Estate
Juliska Dinnerware , Flatware & Glassware

Entering into the month of September, Tabula Tua is ushering in the beginning of the fall season with a month-long Juliska celebration! Complete with an in-store raffle and free gift with any Juliska purchase 295+! We’re all stocked up and ready to help make this season shine with brand new collections.

September is the best month to start planning for the upcoming holidays that are filled with friends, family, food, and entertainment. Juliska’s assortment of styles and options is ideal for the hostess who wants to mix-and-match with just the right pieces, and with the variety of season-themed serving dishware, it’s a cinch to change from one holiday to the next!

Juliska Autum Harvest The Country Estate collection includes four different colors as well as different stories. Each hand-painted set completes a scene that coincides with the season it was inspired by; Pumpkin fits with the Autumn season and depicts scenes from fall-themed activities including an apple harvest, foxhunts, haunted houses, and of course, pumpkins! Tabula Tua cordially invites you welcome in Autumn, and take advantage of the marvelous new collections that are the perfect centerpieces for your holiday traditions.

Create your story with Juliska